Britfest 2008 New Jersey Cars At BritFest-08

The pictures below were taken by me at the 2008 Moss Motors BritFest in Morris County, New Jersey.

Britfest 2008....from the magnificient (Bristol Double Decker Bus with Gardiner diesel engine). the sublime (stunning, black MGA Twin Cam Coupe.


Probably my favorite car at the show...a 1936 MG-P (I think "PA", but I'm not sure). I love it when folks have signs so that you can know more about the car(below).


NOTE: The descriptive captions for all these photos are "above" them.

More of the 1936 MG Midget below


Quaint gas tank vent


Spartan interior.


Rear view


Engine and footwell.


Supercharger mounted on front of the crank.


Close up of supercharger.


Nice TVR.


Handsome TR4


Red TR4 asking $4999. Driven to show and looked very decent.


Same TR4. From Sparta, NJ


TR3 trunk full of spares and stuff.


Nice TR3 / tractor engine


All TR3s come with full trunks!


purple Tiger....groovy!


Sunbeam with Superleggaria aluminum body by Touring. Only 30 built. The vents above the lights work and bring air to the cabin.


Triumph Stag V8 motor. Designed by SAAB


Newish Jag.


Morgan engine (Ford Kent)




The two TDs in attendance.


Clean 1275 Midget


A former rust bucket, I was told.


One of three MG Magnettes.


Ratty Magnette.



Rubber bumper Bs.


Chrome bumper Bs.


MGB-GT with "C" bonnet


MGA with neat, wide steel wheels


Perfect, flawless black MGA Twin Cam Coupe.






Nice MGA


MGA engine.


Brit saloons.






MG "K" and "P" Midgets


K Midget interior


K Midget rear


Classic style muffler on K Midget


Nose of K Midget. It also have front mounted supercharger.


Classic 1930s MGs


Lovely XK-120


Jaguar 3.8 sedan





Triumph GT6.





Lotus Europa Twin Cam engine










Brit bikes


BSA and DeLorean.


Bristol Double Decker bus diesel engine


Big Healeys





"Cobra-ized" big Healey



Nice 4-place Healey


Nice 1967 Sprite


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